Saturday, October 13, 2012

[New Release] ayumi hamasaki - LOVE


After being in one craphole of a photoshoot which ended up being the Party Queen photoshoot, ayumi "sad party queen" hamasaki redeems herself easily with this Love songs-cum-2003-ish-cum-that one picture from 2007 photoshoot for her upcoming EP LOVE. And I LOVE it (what an original pun)!

Although I wish that for once they'd actually be consistent with their text placement but nooooo they decided to L that shit. There's another extra unimportant edition just like FIVE to promote Tales of Xilia 2 but I didn't post the cover here because that is irrelevant. How can anyone, straight or gay, gamer or non-gamer, pick up that edition instead of any of the other 2 featuring the flawless queen on the cover? RIGHT?

Many people also noticed how in all of her mini albums' covers it's always a close up with a hand or two in the picture with her hair covering one of her eyes... ish. I know right?

Anyway I am still not impressed with this release yet because no matter how good the covers are, it doesn't cover (oh no I didn't!) the fact that this release is one hell of a mess that should've just been a single. I'm sorry but 3 songs, 5 remixes and 4 instrumentals do not make this shit a mini album.

If this were to be released as a single, 1) people like me wouldn't be complaining about how it should have been a 3-a single 2) people will be REJOICING because "it's like one of those old Ayu singles" 3) people won't be making articles on how "avex is not letting Ayu release singles anymore"

The ultimate horrors of horrors is how I don't think this release will even reach 100k in sales so the whole of AHS is going to go into absolute apeshit mode. Some will think it's the end of the world while they are being refuted by those who say that "it's just a mini-album guys her next studio album will sell 500k"

I can't help but feel so uncomfortable because this release is like those C-Pop artists where they'd be perpetually releasing compilation albums with a few new songs every now and then and that's exactly what Ayu is doing. For an OCD fuck like me, this is like tainting her own discography but ok I'm obviously just being overdramatic because I'm still gonna buy it anyway.

Song 4 u does sound promising and I've heard a small snippet of Missing and I love it too. I mean... I LOVE it (sorry I can't control myself). Melody, on the other hand, sounds like a piece of crap so I'll wait for the CD Rip to see how it goes. Song 4 u's PV better be NOTHING like progress'. I don't care if progress' PV fitted the lyrics because if I wanted to see scenery while listening to the song I would've gone to Google for that.

LOVE will be released on 8 November 2012.
CD Tracklist
  1. Song 4 u (Original mix)
  2. Missing (Original mix)
  3. Melody (Original mix)
  4. Song 4 u (Orchestra version)
  5. You & Me (SHINICHI OSAWA remix)
  6. You & Me (Remo-con rmx - Extended)
  7. Missing (Dubscribe remix)
  8. Melody (BROKEN HAZE remix)
  9. Song 4 u (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  10. Missing (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  11. Melody (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  12. You & Me (Original mix -Instrumental-)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Song 4 u (video clip)
  2. Missing (video clip)
  3. Song 4 u (making clip)

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