Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Album Review] Koda Kumi - Bon Voyage

"Yeah all u bitches be trippin up on this shizz right here"

I believe one thing fans need to realise by now is that Koda Kumsies does not give a single flying fuck about reinventing herself anymore. Gorl is old enough to do what she wants to do, and Bon Voyage is the very result of that. This predominantly dance pop record proves that Kuu has done it right again and isn't trying to prove anything other than to have fun in one of her most cohesive efforts since forever.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sakanaction gives me satisfaction

I love fish and I love getting action, but god knows what took me so long to know about sakanaction. Lately I've been really into alternative rock / electronic music and was always curious whether or not there were Japanese equivalents of bands belonging to that genre. After scouring through a few blogs about indie music I chanced upon this music video and was extremely impressed that this group has managed to find a balance between both genres AND actually has a decent-sounding male vocalist.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[CD Packaging] Koda Kumi - Bon Voyage (CD+Blu-ray)

Soooo due to very embarrassing reasons my 5-year-old PC has overheated and subsequently died so I was not able to plug my 7-year-old digital camera (also embarrassing) in and import photos (and since it's so damn ancient, I can't simply import them to my MacBook either) so y'all will have to deal with my shitty iPhone photos for now.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

ayumi hotmesssaki's latest hot messes: I Don't Care / I Love It

ayumi hotmesssaki is ending off her 15th anniversary with... wait... nothing?!?! No tour announcement, no album seemingly in the works, and only an upcoming countdown live DVD slated for release?! I'm dramaticising this shit for nothing, but I always find it amusing how Ayu really ~*doesn't care for anything*~ and just makes me love her all the more.

[Album Review] Kato Miliyah - LOVELAND


Prior to listening to Kato Miserableface's music I only knew three things about her: she's been around since forever, she frequently makes very questionable cover choices and looks miserable all the damn time. With her looking like that on the HEAVEN album covers, knowing that I'm definitely going to hell actually puts me at ease.

LOVELAND piqued my interest because I was pretty impressed when I stumbled upon one of the songs (UNIQUE), and went on to listen to the album previews which seemed not bad. Plus, there's something mysteriously alluring about the cover. Probably the pasta. I love me some pasta. Case in point for Kato Miserableface's miserable face? She still looks miserable even when she's eating PASTA.

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