Saturday, October 20, 2012

Koda MILFmi gets back into shape so fast, you'd think the baby was fake

Koda "Go to the 20kg mark" Kumi wastes absolutely no time in getting those titties out and showing everybody her still-stunningly-hot bod. I just don't get what these Japanese women do to keep themselves in such great shape. From today on I'm going to go on an all-Japanese diet. With Singaporean diets, it's a wonder if the mothers here could actually get themselves to just stop eating. It's a miracle if they'd bother to do some exercise instead of complaining about rude customer service sales reps.

In music-related news I'm not looking forward to the release of Go to the top. In fact I didn't even preorder the single; I'm just going to wait for CDJapan's winter sales in December to buy it. She'll be on Music Station next week so I'm excited to see her perform again, yipee.


  1. IDK if this will help her or not, now being a mom peeps in Japan would expect her to sit her ass down and take care of the child, stop being a skank and put some "maternity touch" in her music... But she went back to that 4 TIMES swag real quick.. Idk..

  2. Yeah but Ai Otsuka having dropped off the face of the earth after her baby and forming a band with a logo of humping rabbits is enough evidence to show that going on a shit long hiatus isn't going to do anybody favours so I'm glad Kuu isn't ending up like that HAHAH


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