Saturday, October 20, 2012

[New Song] Namie Amuro - Damage

I don't know what to think of Namie Amuro's Damage. It's like a worse version of Break It. I do think there is a nice melody to it but it just sounds like b-side material to me. Best case scenario, it just ends up on the soundtrack of whichever movie it's tied in to. Worst case scenario, it ends up being the main a-side of her next single. I trust Namie to make wise career choices and making this a main single song wouldn't be one. It does seem like a grower to me, but one thing I'm sure of is that it's not a strong song.  I think it's the arrangement which would help if it had sounded... fuller? Yea. What can I say, I'm a professional music critic.

I hope avex would wake up their stupid idea because I have a feeling that they're getting their heads in the clouds being all "Oh my god Namie is still relevant after 20 years" and might just send her into Koda Kumi mode anytime. Then again I'm sure Vision Factory won't allow this kind of shit to go down.


  1. yeah i hope Avex doesn't try to make her a release whore... Wich i think won't happen cause this lazy queen doesn't even step in tv sets anymore, having her step on the recording studio to release singles every 7 weeks? bitch please!!

  2. Gurl's on a ROLL! She's even gonna have a PV for Damage now wtf


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