Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moar J-Indie Prease?!?!?!

I'm hooked.

You guys left me some awesome J-indie music to check out and I LOVE IT! Galileo Galilei (as pictured above) is probably one of my favourite bands at the moment because their music is exactly the kind of music I'm really into right now (especially their PORTAL album; their latest one, ALARMS, not so much) and that other band with the members who left them, FOLKS has some pretty good stuff too.

The peeps over at JPOP Central also recommended me bands like HaKU, androp, Fujifabric, sleepy.ab, Spitz, etc. but none of them has music that gets me quite like Galileo Galilei's do (and the posters themselves said that too, which is pretty depressing) so do keep the suggestions coming because this is the biggest problem with indie music - IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO FIND!

I've also been really into lecca - after getting over the prior shock towards her astonishingly, almost borderline-gross manly voice, she is one talented ho. Would love to hear more Jamaican-inspired dancehall artists like her as well (not a big fan of her reggae stuff tbh, that's one genre I'll never be able to appreciate).

I'll be embedding some videos from these awesome possum peoplez for those who might be interested as well after the jump!


  1. Soo here's my set:

    Pasteboard: They are the definition of the shoegazing genre that I absolutely looooove! Different than Galileo Galilei as they're ultra minor but they have a major impact in my heart. Unfortunately all I know from their stuff is this one tiny album that's out there but I highly recommend it for a different experience even in the J-indie sphere! One of the songs from the album is this but the rest are just as easy to listen to!

    On the same line of genre: Sleepy.ab are dreamy and abstract just as their name entails! Listen to them at night before bed or something and you might rethink about their relaxing-ly artistic sound! One of my favourite songs from them is 'way home' as it really is simply a pretty song:

    Spitz: They are an ALL TIME CLASSIC that I enjoy listening to because the vocals never seem to stop being soo frikken refreshingg!!! The melodies are easy to fall in love too! I recommend Sarasara from their recent stuff because I feel their old stuff are all too famous (ofcourse gorgeous as well) to be reintroduced =p

    The fin.: I have recently discovered this band and it's really hard to find much about them just yet but they have an interesting sound with their english lyrics:

    Heavenstamp: Can be powerful and still mellow but would suggest listening to them couple of times to get used to their different songs. I immediately got hooked up by the lyrics and instruments which stands out so it's just cool! This is one of their chilled songs: check out waterfall for it is another favourite of mine =p

    Last but not least, for a closer sound to Galileo Galilei, I suggest Suneohair! They are an uptempo j-indie sound that is really easy to listen to imo. This song is lovable in like less than 3 seconds

    Ooooooookay.. so I hope something hooks from the list! I remember reading earlier about your discovery of Sakanaction and I was excited about that because they are just too epic to be unknown!!! If you haven't listened to most of their discography yet, I recommend Neptunes and Sen to rei and if possible in their live versions because they're sooo frikken fascinating!

    1. Wow thanks for your recommendations! I am in LOVE with Heavenstamp's Morning glow (downloaded the album and the rest didn't impress me as much) and The fin. really is an interesting band! I'm trying to find where I can download more of Pasteboard's music though, I can't seem to find their music anywhere besides YouTube.

  2. You NEED to check out the pillows, you've probably heard of them by now
    Runners High is their best album (highlights: No self control, Bran-new love song, Tashikame ni Ikou)
    but their next album (Happy Bivouc) has some CHOICE songs like Our Love and Peace and Beautiful Morning With You

    1. Will definitely check them out! Took a listen to one or two of their latest songs on YouTube and they sound pretty good!


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