Friday, June 21, 2013

[New Release] Koda Kumi - Summer Trip

CD+DVD | CD Only

This summer is going to be giving me everything that I need in life. Well, over here in Singapore it's summer everyday, but you know what I mean. Summer Trip is appropriately titled - because gurl most defo needs to make a trip down to where wigs go to die. If not for the more-than-sufficient evidence of her having a vagina in the CD+DVD cover I would've sworn that was RuPaul. Other than that, I love everything else about the covers. That tacky ass font. That slight underboob. The fact that they photoshopped her thigh so much that it looks hilariously like a cooked chicken frank. That Kuu is showing ayumi hamasaki how she should've done her shitass Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ covers.

This single is shaping up to be like 4 TIMES mixed with a little of 3 SPLASH. LALALALALA sounds like a mix between Hashire! and Poppin' love cocktail, and TOUCH DOWN is to Summer Trip like V.I.P is to 4 TIMES. It's so trashy and ghetto. I love it. It's also an unreleased track done by JoJo a million years ago, but Kuu wins simply because hers is actually getting released. I'm extremely pumped for IS THIS TRAP? because it sounds so bad, I'm loving it already. I'm praying for an urban R&B feel my mind-esque song because it sure sounds like it would be a song in there just like grammatical masterpieces ~*Get Out The Way*~ and... well, that. Snatch them weaves mama, anything but whatever you're wearing in those covers. Post-bald Britney ain't for you.

Summer Trip will be released on 31 July 2013.
CD Tracklist
  1. Radio Show Start ~LALALALALA~ 【Intro】
  3. Show Time ~IS THIS TRAP?~ 【Interlude】
  5. Show Time ~TOUCH DOWN~ 【Interlude】
  7. Radio Show End
DVD Tracklist


  1. That wig... really, it not only looks CHEAP, but as real as her nails. It looks like the hair those cheap chinese barbie replica dolls have LOL.

    I don't like the covers, bitch please just shut your damn mouth!!! We don't need to see it WIDE OPEN in 98% of your pictures.

    Not excited for this single, i love Skankumi, i really do, but i got the feeling this shit will flop...

    1. Tbh with LALALALALA sounding like her typical summer songs the Japanese are gonna eat up allllll of that

    2. Not with the single leaking over a month before the actual release lol.

      I might get the cd only edition, no time fo' expensive dvds with cheap pvs. And damn, i can see some laces, scalps or whatever you guys call them, right side of her "hair" in the cd + dvd cover. WIG!!!


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