Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Album Review] Superfly - Force


We can all agree that there's no one quite like Superfly. She sure may not have revolutionized the stale-becoming J-Pop industry, but she undeniably holds her own with her unique and distinct rock and roll sound. 5 years into her successful career, Shiho shows no signs of backing down with her new album, Force. She show them bitches how it's done.

One thing definitely evident about her latest record is that Superfly is going for an even edgier, rockier sound throughout this album compared to her past releases. And I mean she goes CRAZY. Shiho sets the mood opening with the title track, Force, and continues setting the bar high with the next 2 songs, Nitty Gritty and No Bandage. Force is so INSANELY catchy, I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it. Nitty Gritty and No Bandage are really quality tracks too! NO BARNDAAAAAAAGEEEE NO BARNDAAAAAAAGE

The album starts to slow down with Kagayaku Tsuki no You ni, a midtempo ballad-y blues track that is reminiscent to Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo from her debut album, but less catchy. It's a good song nonetheless and I particularly liked the bass in this. This was followed by the rock track Ai wo Kurae. I can't even be bothered to say anything else because it's honestly another solid track.

It then slows down even more for the next song, Shuuen, a piano-driven ballad. Very pretty, but pretty average too. The pace then picks up with Heisei Homo Sapiens, a funky booty-popping number that makes you want to keep shouting  WE ARE HEISEI HOMO SARPEEYANS! WE ARE HEISEI HOMO SARPEEYANS! oh god I'm done! Definitely one of the highlights of the album!

Superfly don't need No Bandage (har har har)
And then we have Get High! ~Adrenaline~ as if you're not high enough from being so amazed at how good this album is. It's your typical crazy Superfly rock and roll track in between random shouts of GET HIGH! (get high) GET HIGH! (get high) like YEA I GET IT I'M ALREADY HIGH AS A KITE

The next song is 919 and it's titled like that because it's pronounced "Kuikku", which sounds like Quick. HOW SMART IS THAT? In addition to that, it's track 9 AND the release date for the album is September (9) 19. OH SNAP! And Shiho is not afraid to shove that in everyone's faces with her "QUICK QUICK"S 1000 over times in each chorus. Sounds cute though. And not only is that a smart title, but it's also a hot as hell track. Would you just check out that BASS. Oh god extract my soul out of my body NOW!

The album then slows down again which comes at a very appropriate time because you'd be DRAINED of every ounce of soul left in your body with The Bird Without Wings. Another midtempo track that as far as I know keeps telling you to "no more cry" and go for "one more try" you "bird without the wiiiiiiiiiings!!!!" It's nothing special, but I like the melody, as well as the entire musical part before the end of the song which made me just close my eyes and shake my head like someone who needs to go to rehab. What can I say? I lavvit.

Shiho closes the album with Standing Ovation with thumps and claps that remind you of Queen's We Will Rock You. This uplifting track makes for a perfect close to the album and it somehow sounds like something DREAMS COME TRUE would do. I'm not complaining, though. The song then picks it up HARD in the middle of the song with a ridiculous guitar solo and all. Superfly shuts it down onto ayumi hamasaki's freshly-manicured feet.

If there is any direction I wish Shiho would evolve her sound as she progresses on, this would be it. Despite it being 11 tracks long, it didn't feel too short nor draggy. Also, this album is definitely one of her more cohesive albums since her debut. I particularly liked it because of how there's so many upbeat tracks and I am biased like that. The flow of the album definitely got disrupted with Shuuen no matter how pretty we all think it is but it is overall still a pretty kickass album. I like it more than Mind Travel, in fact, and that album was da bomb. Good job, Superfly!

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Album highlights: Force, Nitty Gritty, No Bandage, Heisei Homo Sapiens, 919, The Bird Without Wings

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