Friday, October 26, 2012

Koda Ku*mmmmm*i goes back to the way she used to be

Koda Kums is back on Music Station to promote her latest single Go to the top and boy is she on FULL THROTTLE! She's scheduled for like, 3 other TV appearances now?! Talk about work ethic that some other people could have.

According to the interview she gained a whopping 15kg during her pregnancy and actually lost 13kg after giving birth. ALL WITHIN LIKE, 2 MONTHS? I need to know what she's eating / doing so I can jump into that as well. Probably from all the hot kinky rough sex her husband's been giving her.

I like how she fumbles in her dance moves at one point and just laughs it off. How cute! Her vocals and dance moves are definitely in top form. I'm so glad she's not a mess. Though I'm not exactly fond of her new hairstyle now that I've seen it in motion because I think it makes her face look fat. And it kinda makes her look old, like how the short hair did for Ayu.

The sales for this single are also on FIYAH! She's already outsold the total sales of her last 2 singles in only 3 days (Ok she's still one hundred short of Ai wo Tomenaide but you get the point). This may also just be her first #1 single in three good damn years. Good for her! This is probably one big comeback she didn't think she was gonna have.

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Going going to snatch them wigs, going going after Amuro

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  1. Guuuuurl! Why i am seeing this until now?! Bitch looks back on FORM, i knew she was going to sell good but the ayu/ck stans can't stand the fact that they both are flopping... That winter ballad better be #1 at the Oricon...

    *Going after Amuro* Bitch please, that's dreaming xD


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