Saturday, October 27, 2012

[Music Video] ayumi hamasaki's 2 latest short PVs

When I first watched the ever-lame short version PV for Song 4 u, I was expecting it to go down like this: with those god awful claws they have on their fingers, they'll be cutting the shit out of each other's faces. The 2 queens eventually go face-to-face and they have a final showdown a la Madonna's Die Another Day style and eventually one of them dies.

Reality: a lot of walking up to each other and simply staring at each other until one of them disappears into thin air (???).

And don't get your hopes up with the ever-promising "to be continued..." at the end, guys. Some people have seen the full PV already. Looking at the short PV is enough of a waste of everyone's time.

So does shit get real? No it does not. Spoiler alert: at the end, the queens walk up to each other, engage in an exhilarating stare battle and the screen FADES TO BLACK! Totally did not see that coming!

Ayu is so lazy with her PVs nowadays, it's easy to conclude that bitch doesn't even wanna try anymore.  Either that or she's not bringing avex enough dough to up her budget. It would have made the PV so much better if it were actually interspersed with a second setting. Even Ayu in her pyjamas sitting on a foldable chair while lip syncing over-dramatically (crying optional) filmed using a shitty 5MP smartphone camera would help.

That's not to say I totally hate the video, of course. I'd definitely watch this than see her in a gaudy flower dress walking around an alternate universe while being chased by some giant women, occasionally sitting on a chair with a giant pearl necklace wrapped around herself awkwardly. Sounds familiar?

I have nothing to say about Ayu in the Missing PV other than the fact that she's crying again with her pale-as-fuck skin walking through some field for the whole course of the video. I have to admit some of the shots are really pretty though. She probably likes her men in bed like how it shows in the PV - flying from one end to the other. throwing their back out doing continuous backflips.

Also throwing in the CM for LOVE because she's gonna need the promotion anyway. Avex, you're welcome:

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