Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Music Video] Koda Kumi - Go to the top

Within months after popping out her new baby, Koda Kums is already releasing her next single Go to the top which is in all honesty quite average and I don't quite like it.

The PV is also meh but it's not like I'm expecting her to immediately go in front of the camera to twerk her ass but ok I'll take it either way. I like how they decided to "announce" an upcoming winter ballad single coming in December because 10 years later when we all watch this again we'll totally still think that there's a new single coming. Meanwhile all I see in the PV is boobs, boobs, and boobs. It's like that one anime I watched where everyone had really huge boobs that I think that pretty much ended up being the plot of the anime.

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