Monday, October 7, 2013

[CD Packaging] Perfume - LEVEL3 (CD+DVD)

I was hoping to actually get the version with the red jewel case but I'm just glad I didn't get the ugliest one (i.e. yellow case lol ewwewewewewe)

I quite like the way the album is packaged, with the jewel case only using clear plastic films inside without really trying too hard to be different *cough*kanyewest*cough*

The booklet itself is separate and behind the jewel case, both of which are housed in the slipcase. The jewel case is the slightly thicker kind, too.

The insert for the front cover yielded a little surprise as well! Pretty cool, but I was immediately drowning in regret as I would discover that my floor was actually a little dusty, thus leaving some particles glued onto the sheets. Oopsie.


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