Saturday, November 24, 2012

[New Release] ayumi hamasaki - again


Dance dance dance, do it again. Sing sing sing, do it again. Boy boy friend, do him again. Ma ma ro, touch me again. You'd think that by again, ayumi hotmessaki would be talking about revisiting her older sound like she did in LOVE, but noooo, because it's clearly to show that she is attached AGAIN! Talk about separating work life from private sexy time life. Merry fucking Christmas to you guys too.

We were all okay with her being with another man like in LOVE ~Destiny~ and H's covers but this time, we're not because we all know that the d00d touching her all over the place is friggin' MARO and you would think that bitch would've learnt her lesson after what happened with Mannie. I can't help but feel like this is doing Peco so much injustice. I don't know why but I just felt like saying that.

Once again, expectedly, we have a glorified single coming our way but this time it's 4 original songs! Yay! Wake me up is reportedly composed by someone from the UK, Sweet scar by DAI, and the other 2 songs by Tetsuya Komuro. Oh someone just ask him to fuck off already. I've heard previews of Wake me up and Sweet scar and so far things are looking good, though I'm not holding my breath because the other 2 songs are gonna stink so bad, I can almost smell it already. Or maybe it's just my fart.

again will be released on 8 December 2012.
CD Tracklist
  1. Wake me up (Original mix)
  2. Sweet scar (Original mix)
  3. snowy kiss (Original mix)
  4. Ivy (Original mix)
  5. Missing (Orchestra version)
  6. Melody (Acoustic Piano version)
  7. Wake me up (Remo-con rmx)
  8. snowy kiss (Shohei Matsumoto remix)
  9. Wake me up (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  10. Sweet scar (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  11. snowy kiss (Original mix -Instrumental-)
  12. Ivy (Original mix -Instrumental-)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Wake me up (video clip)
  2. snowy kiss (video clip)
  3. Sweet scar (video clip)

[Album Review] ayumi hamasaki - LOVE

Look ma, no make-up!

ayumi hotmessaki has been having a very... eventful love life these past few years. What with the marriage, the divorce, a new boy toy, etc., of course Ayu is going to be talking about love once again with another love-themed album because obviously like she said, she tends to keep her work and private life separate. Why of course.

Monday, November 19, 2012

[Singles Review] Go to the top, Force, DEEPNESS

I feel like doing an individual post for one single review would be too short so why not combine them so that it would look like it's very long and make it seem like I did actual hard work?

Today we will be reviewing three singles that are very distinct from one another -- a mother's comeback single, a redundant recut single, and a single that could have revived someone's career but didn't.

Don't worry, this is not a comparison post so keep your pants on.

[New Song] (I'm crying) Utada Hikaru - Sakura Nagashi

Utada Hikaru can make bitches cry in ways that not even Koda Kumi's flailing arms, PV car accidents or broken cellphones can, let alone ayumi hotmessaki's overdramatic fake crying. And guys, I'm not joking when I say I'm shaking and crying... but bitch is fucking back... for now, that is.

If you go to the special site for the song here this song was made specially at the request of the movie producers for Evangelion 3.0. You can also find the English translation of the lyrics there. They are so hauntingly beautiful, and I really have to say the same about the music. I just love it so much. The element of nostalgia emitting from this song coupled with the fact that Hikki is still being lazy on a hiatus can easily send them vulnerable bitches in tears. I don't care what any of you say, but when this song is released on the DVD Single, I bet your ass Adele will buy it and shove it up her vagina. Hikki is so fed up of 21 selling so well, she shows them how it's DONE.

In a way the structure reminds me of Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down because of the percussion and bass coming in towards the end. I love it so much. It was exactly what  Sakura Nagashi needed to make everyone wet their pants. This song hits me in the heart in ways I can't even describe. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!@!@!@!@ ;_; 

The music video which will be on her YouTube for only 3 days is also up and, well, knowing post-divorce Hikki, it sucks. Other than the fact that it looks like it should belong in karaoke lounges there's also a very disturbing scene of a baby sucking on its mother's nipple. Yeah, sure, beautiful, natural, blah blah blah. Fuck you too.

Hikki, I love you and I hope the money you're still earning from the sales of First Love runs out so that you will get your ass back into the studio. xoxo

Saturday, November 17, 2012

[New Release] Kaela Kimura - Sync


I'm sorry if I scared you. I don't even know what to think of this girl anymore. If there is anything that needs to be synced, it's the conceptualisers and the actual cover art designers. I mean, come on, Kaela in the CD+DVD cover looks like a clown who is so horrible she got thrown mustard and blueberry jam at. Which is pretty much what should be thrown at the people who decided to come up with this monstrosity. The idea is much better executed with the CD only cover, but I can't help but wonder... why does her neck look so different between each cover?! The promotional picture (below) actually looks much better, as with everybody's releases.

To be honest I'm not even excited for this album to come out, just like 8EIGHT8. I have to say 8EIGHT8 was a pleasant surprise, though, because there are some really solid tracks on that album. The only song I really like that I've heard from this album so far is Mamireru, and the second single, Sun shower, is exactly what the title is - it makes me want to go shower in the sun and burn myself to death.

Kaela better step her game up with this release because everyone is getting bored by her sounding the same-ish since HOCUS POCUS. I was listening to +1 the other day and realised how much I miss that sound.

Sync will be released on 19 December 2012.
CD Tracklist
  1. Mamireru (マミレル)
  2. HERO
  3. Sun shower
  4. coffee
  5. Hello, Goodbye
  6. sorry
  7. MY WAY
  8. Synchronicity
  9. so i
  10. Merry Go Round
  11. Cherry Blossom
  12. WONDER Volt

DVD Tracklist
  1. Mamireru -music video-
  2. Sun shower -music video-
  3. so i -music video-
  4. Sun shower -making movie-

[CD Packaging] ayumi hamasaki - LOVE

Thanks to the post office for holding my package hostage, I received my copy of ayumi hotmessaki's latest single disguised as a mini-album a little later than usual but yay here it is!

Everyone knows I'm a very deep and analytical person *cough* so with this release I can conclude that avex is beginning their budget cuts with Ayu's releases because this is the first Ayu CD+DVD release that does not come in those thick-as-hell jewel cases! Blasphemy! Though it's a good thing that these can save space and all. Interesting to note that the jewel case for this release is actually slightly thicker, like a 2CD version of A Song for XX. Pretty stupid because the booklet is thin as fuuuuu

Jewel case is slightly thicker than the norm

Overall... average meh packaging so there you go. Booklet is really lame too because there's only 3 pictures inside and all 3 look almost the same. Annoying. Review will be coming up soon! 

[Music Video] Koda Kumi - Koishikute

I was personally looking forward to seeing Koda Kums show off her brand-new mobile phone in her latest PV for Koishikute, but I guess now that she's married she's got nobody to really break up with anymore. It's so funny how they decided to use the outfit she looked the shittiest in for the single covers.

It was pretty hilarious because essentially, in the PV, all she did was to walk by a subway platform, accidentally knock into someone, cry, and then collapse to the ground (talk about a fragile little bitch "DON'T TOUCH ME T_T") while occasionally singing in front of a grand orchestra. The latter, I loike, although I'm not too big a fan of that obnoxious nude-coloured dress that makes her look like a cake. I also thought it was disturbing to see her just obliviously standing beside a piano that was PLAYING BY ITSELF and that black thing around her eyes was totally able to make her unrecognizable.

While it is a pretty song and I kinda do like it, I still think that it doesn't really stand out much and she's done better ballads in the past. But hey, new material is new material!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

[News] Ayu is the new JLo

Kudos to Yahoo! Japan for using such a beautiful picture of Ayu

ayumi hamasaki is one hot mess. She should rename herself to ayumi hotmessaki. We had the divorce earlier this year, the Party Queen photoshoot, her general "flopness" for a J-Pop Queen's standards, the poor marketing management done by her brilliant PR team with this whole 15th anniversary celebration, selling a single as a mini-album and now we have this.

In a shocking twist of events, everything we saw in the PV of You & Me was real -- ayumi hotmessaki is dating her fellow 28-year-old dancer, Maro. And all along when I thought Maro was dating Zin! This is literally like those plot twists in drama series! Intense!

Apparently the both of them managed to find out that tabloid magazines were already going to publish and expose this scandalous affair (actually not so) so they decided to beat them to the bush and do it themselves!

It was really vague because based on translations from Maro's blog entry he merely said he will "take this relationship seriously," which for all we know could mean a mother-son relationship because... the picture above says everything. Ayu decided to be more straightforward and say he is her boyfriend. So there you go. BAM.

Can't help but feel that this is exactly like what went down with Jennifer Lopez minus the career revival. Both ended up dating younger b0is who are their backup dancers too. And it is SO ANNOYING! I hate it when interwork relationships come up because it is going to be so irritating for the other backup dancers to see them in their little intimate moments together. I mean have you seen the You & Me making-of video? Their hands were practically superglued together. And what with Ayu saying she'd draw a line between work and life. My ass. And all of this happened while she was partying her ass off in PARIS! No prizes if you can guess who's there with her too.

Maro's gonna get so much more "solo acts" during tours and this will probably spark a lot of internal conflict among her dance troupe and Ayu will probably end up getting killed by a super jealous dancer. Probably Shuya. But maybe he's gay. But maybe he's not. What am I even talking about. I think Ayu misses Mannie's dick.

I would think that dancers are generally better in bed though. At least both Ayu and Maro have something in common where they both have past marriages! That's probably what sparked the loOoOooOoOve. And also, now we know why the next mini-album is titled again when LOVE came before it. Get it? LOVE again? The next 3 releases will probably be IUF (In Ur Face), Manuel, and Schwarz.

Speaking of Mannie, I wonder what he thinks about everything that's happened in 2012 so far. He must have been partying all night long like a party king on the night the Oricon weeklies were out and LOVE got #4 on the albums chart.

Either way, hope the relationship goes well, hope they get married, then they can have a kid together, bla bla bla. After all the talking I guess I feel indifferent about this. They've probably already been fucking with one another for awhile, and god forbid that he's the reason why Ayu got a divorce. It's not like I'm not gonna buy her next mini-album.

Monday, November 5, 2012

[New Release] Koda Kumi - Koishikute


We all know by now that "slow down" isn't a phrase in Koda Kumster's vocabulary. I think it's safe to say that 2012 is not going to happen because the only way that will happen will be when she doesn't release something within 3 seconds. Her unfortunately short range of vocabulary has also led to yet another single title along the likes of many of her past ballad singles -- Koishikute.

I'm certainly not a fan of whatever she's wearing that's made of garbage bags in there but I have to say it definitely looks better than what Ayu wore in her Together When... PV. Also she looks reaaaaaally weird in the CD+DVD cover and I don't even know why. Hair doesn't look good I guess, and the airbrush probably did something too. Oh well!

Unfortunately the tracklist is looking like shit just like Ai wo Tomenaide because it's going to comprise just Koishikute and a cover of Okamoto Mayo's Alone. Interesting to note that Kuu actually covered that song during her avex audition days!

I did hear the 30-second preview of the song and I think it sounds really pretty. However that's not gonna make me buy it until CDJapan's Spring sale in 2013 comes, together with Go to the top. I'm sure Japan will eat this ballad up like it's a plate piled with sliced raw salmon. Sorry, I'm hungry.

Koishikute will be released on 5 December 2012.
*UPDATE: Koishikute's release has been delayed to 26 December 2012 due to production issues. We al know ayumi hamasaki is the culprit so that people will spend their money on her mini-album instead. 
CD Tracklist
  1. Koishikute (恋しくて)
  2. Alone
DVD Tracklist
  1. Koishikute (Music Video)
  2. Koishikute (Making Video)

I like how her professional and efficient design team decided to erase some of the bokeh from the CD+DVD cover to make it look better, only to export that very same image in full to be its promotional picture, totally forgetting the fact that there's still bokeh remnants on the bottom. Talk about a literal case of not looking at the bigger picture.
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