Friday, June 21, 2013

[Music Video] Namie Amuro - Heaven

I'm just crying at all this language ambiguity that Namiengrish Amuro is giving me right now. The PV for HAIRBOON! premiered and was titled so because that's where all your faves will go to after this album drops.

Weeks ago Namie uploaded a photo of her doing some kamehameha shizznit and instead of focusing on the fact that she's actually having fun everyone was busy getting worried that this was going to be another Break It. Bitches were wrong. The queen is serving me hip, chic, split-screen, bimbadabee badadi badaboom, trippy-illuminati-effects, flawless girly scene with bangs, Zedd-produced, ad-libbing flawlessness ALL in one video. When will your fave? I want Namie to shout in my ear like that everyday.


  1. why illuminati? i thougth she is against them making Feel covers

  2. ^ omg /deceased

  3. bimbadabee badadi badaboom

    LMAOOOO i can't.

    And Namie "When will your fav" Amuro has YET to drop 2 pvs, i have high hopes for "Alive".

    1. They better be saving the best for the last cuz I am having HIIIIGH hopes for this album!


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