Saturday, June 1, 2013

ayumi hamasaki unable to clinch anymore prominent deals, has to settle for hosting

Due to high costs incurred from importing water melted from the ice found at the peak of Mount Everest for her ongoing arena tour where she sits in the water in a glass tank suspended from the ceiling, ayumi hotmessaki has to settle for hosting the upcoming Ultra Music Festival Korea 2013, which is apparently a DJ Music Festival.

This is out of the blue as heck because first of all, it's a DJ music festival. The only reasons why she'd be there is probably to 1) make up for her lack of tie-ins 2) beg DJs for ayu-mi-x 8 or 3) find another husband. Then again, even if she does work with some of the DJs going I hope it's for original material. After Namie is rumoured to be working with Zedd for her upcoming album, gurl better step up her game or the unsold copies of her next studio album can be used to build a mansion. 

This is how I think the show would be like:

"As I don't know much about this genre of music, I would like to perform one of my latest songs, SEASONS. *proceeds to sing SEASONS horribly*"

I'm actually excited to see what will happen there since the last time she's hosted is probably during the AyuReady days from 200 B.C., and while this is probably a last resort for her to earn them extra monies, at least she's not going around telling people she's homeless and has to eat grass. 


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  2. Hahahahaha! DO you have any evidences? 'Cause if you do, "WE" might believe in you. #Boangkaputa


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