Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ooo I be so mysterious

For the LOOONGEST time ever I've been so BORED by what MISIA has been giving us for the past 2 years. I mean her last 2 studio albums were good, but it doesn't really hit you. And I've just had enough of all the ballads she's been giving us. She's literally had like, what, 7 bloody ballad singles in a row (I don't count digital singles because I am as outdated as Oricon)? Wouldn't even MISIA herself be bored with all that shit? I guess not.

But this time with DEEPNESS I am FINALLY impressed, and I can see this becoming a semi-big hit seeing how it's charting relatively well on the digital charts. I think I just have a really soft spot for those  beats and that it also provides a perfect respite from all the other shit songs she's been giving us, but I really think this is a great song. The single cover looks good too.

I can't wait for her to drop her next album and I hope it'll be really good because I feel like I'm already starting to lose her. With a voice like that she doesn't deserve to end up being like mihimaru GT.

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