Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moar J-Indie Prease?!?!?!

I'm hooked.

You guys left me some awesome J-indie music to check out and I LOVE IT! Galileo Galilei (as pictured above) is probably one of my favourite bands at the moment because their music is exactly the kind of music I'm really into right now (especially their PORTAL album; their latest one, ALARMS, not so much) and that other band with the members who left them, FOLKS has some pretty good stuff too.

The peeps over at JPOP Central also recommended me bands like HaKU, androp, Fujifabric, sleepy.ab, Spitz, etc. but none of them has music that gets me quite like Galileo Galilei's do (and the posters themselves said that too, which is pretty depressing) so do keep the suggestions coming because this is the biggest problem with indie music - IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO FIND!

I've also been really into lecca - after getting over the prior shock towards her astonishingly, almost borderline-gross manly voice, she is one talented ho. Would love to hear more Jamaican-inspired dancehall artists like her as well (not a big fan of her reggae stuff tbh, that's one genre I'll never be able to appreciate).

I'll be embedding some videos from these awesome possum peoplez for those who might be interested as well after the jump!

Monday, May 26, 2014

[News] ayumi hamasaki finally wakes up

ayumi hotmesssaki has gotten her shit slightly more together after her ~*amazing*~ collaboration with m-flo for My Way on the latter group's latest album, and she also announced that she's received a copy of Namie Amuro's FEEL and would be stepping up her game for her next studio effort.

[New Release] Kaela Kimura - 10years

CD+DVD | CD Only

It's hard to imagine that it's already Kaela Kimura's 10th anniversary this year, and it's also hard to imagine that when you have her ENTIRE discography to choose from as songs for this compilation album, the fans decided to vote for 90% of the songs that are already on 5years for this album. This is why the artists should choose the damn songs for themselves! 

[New Release] Namie Amuro - Ballada

CD+Bluray | CD+DVD | CD

We all have seen the ballad best album coming when they asked for fans to vote for their favourite ballads a few months ago (huge shocker; who could have guessed?) but as it would turn out, as with every other artist who actually puts effort into making their best albums less half-assed than the very idea of one in itself (I'm looking at you, A SUMMER BEST), Namie just keeps them surprises coming with this hell of a release.

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