Friday, July 13, 2012

[New Song] ayumi hamasaki - You & Me

I was honestly quite excited when I heard there was going to be a new song on her upcoming redundant album, A SUMMER BEST. And then I found out that it was going to be composed by Tetsuya Komuro and I was like oh no. I think having him for Love songs was already enough even though the album actually turned out to be really good.

The song sounded fantastic! Until I heard the crappy synthesiser, and that came in at the 5-second mark. If that wasn't bad enough, later on after she sings the first few lines the song transitions into what seems like horribly cheap and badly produced dance music that Ayu does not deserve to have such quality of. My verdict for the song pretty much sealed itself by then, and I can't believe I read a comment that even said that it sounded "modern" for a TK song. I don't think so, buddy.

Generally, the entire song feels like a cheap TRF leftover track (especially with them wow wow wows) that TK happened to dig up while doing some spring cleaning in his basement that he left untouched since 1986, all dusty and shit, thinking it'd be a good idea to ruin the Queen of J-Pop's career (further). The fact that this is a "YouTube edit" sounds suspicious though, but I highly doubt avex is so free to specially edit the song to upload it exclusively on YouTube. We'll see, we'll see.

In conclusion, this song sounds badly produced, has a predictable and stale melody, belongs to the 90s and shows that Ayu needs to be taught the days of the week again. I am still holding out and hoping that it will eventually grow on me, but I think someone should give TK a reality check that he is a has-been and passé on all levels. Didn't Ayu tweet the lyrics to Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ recently? Yep, Ayu, that's the song we all wanna hear.


  1. We found love in a hopeless place!!! this is pussy pop central omfg i love it! i am a sucker for TK tbqh *bricked by AHS* WOWOWOWOW love it xD

  2. Haha it seems quite a lot of fans love the song! Still hoping it'd grow on me. I have to admit the chorus is getting stuck in my head already


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