Saturday, July 21, 2012

[New Release] Perfume - Spending all my time


Perfume is busy spending all their time waiting for Nakata Yasutaka to give them some new songs, and they be hot as hell. I think the covers are pretty hilarious, but I don't know what the girls are up to because ever since they had their label switch I finally see greater hope in their music because Spring of Life was the shit.

I'm glad they're finally going back to having an edgier sound that was frowned upon by Tokuma (fuck you) so that label switch must have been a slap in the face for them. I'm personally excited to hear Hurly Burly because I heard its instrumental and it is SICK.

Spending all my time will be released on 15 August 2012.
First press copies come with a B2-sized poster, but by the time you read this it's probably sold out everywhere already. 
CD Tracklist
  1. Spending all my time
  2. Point (ポイント)
  3. Hurly Burly
  4. Spending all my time -Original Instrumental-
  5. Point -Original Instrumental- 
  6. Hurly Burly -Original Instrumental-

DVD Tracklist
  1. Spending all my time -Video Clip-

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