Saturday, July 7, 2012

J-Pop KAMPAI!: Introduction

Hey y'all.

Welcome to my blog, J-Pop KAMPAI!, which is obviously going to be focused entirely on Japanese pop music.

This blog is essentially a J-Pop review blog, but not really. I'll be honest - I don't take my shit seriously. Coming to this blog is to face the fact that ayumi hamasaki's career died since 2010, and Namie Amuro is going to take over the world.

Speaking of which, why did I choose to open this blog? First of all, I'm a huge J-Pop fan. Not all forms of J-Pop, but mainly female soloists. Although I will make fun of all the artists I mention here, I am secretly stanning for them like nobody's business. Second of all, I have a lot of things to say about J-Pop. For example, I can't imagine Kaela Kimura having sex. Are you sold on this blog yet?

Most of all, though, it's because I made a promise to myself on my personal blog, that if I got chosen to attend Namie Amuro's Press Conference here in Singapore, I'll set up a J-Pop blog. And what do you know? It did happen!

So here's some background information about me (cue yawn)! My name is Travis and I'm an 18-year-old full time Mass Communication student from Singapore. You don't see a lot of us Singaporeans around here, because most of us are too busy trying to get a phD. 2013 is my 7th year blogging on my personal blog (as linked above) and I have finally decided to create another blog to talk about J-Pop!

What can you expect from this blog? Lots of crap talk, lots of shade, but most of all, I hope reading this blog makes you entertained. Some of the main content I will blog about are my opinions on certain releases, album / single / DVD reviews, general news in the world of J-Pop and whatnot. Although I am not as much of an avid CD collector as I was a few years back, I still collect CDs as a hobby. As such, I will also be posting pictures of the CDs I buy along with the packaging, contents etc. so you can take a look at what's inside! I used to do that on my personal blog, but it'll probably be more appreciated here. Aren't I nice?

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, I'm going to talk about artists who I only listen to. Fortunately, however, I do listen to quite a number of artists. By quite I mean like 5. Occasionally if something funny happens in the world of J-Pop then I'll probably say something about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't count so much on coming here for firsthand news and stuff like that.

With that said, there's a loooot of things coming your way, so watch this space bitches.

As ayumi hamasaki said, "Saturday night, just a little earlier than usual... KAMPAI!"

- Travis
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