Thursday, July 26, 2012

[CD Packaging] Angela Aki - BLUE (CD+DVD)

Here are pictures of the packaging for the CD+DVD limited edition of Angela Aki's latest album, BLUE which I received a few days ago!

Was quite pleasantly surprised to see that her record label invested more money in this by bringing back a slipcase for the CD+DVD editions, because they didn't for WHITE and that just looked like a mess that was done with poor effort.

Just like her past 2 studio albums, LIFE and WHITE, this album came with a postcard as well to the right.

Cover overload AHHHHHH

The back cover, which is the same as the slipcase one.

Le contents. I think the back cover of the booklet is the lamest thing ever. Horizontally flipped cover? Really? Oh well, I guess the fact that this album cover is coming from Angela Aki is probably enough for all of us to jizz in our pants already.

I'll try to review the album as soon as I can so you can look forward to that!!! I'm barely getting started on my VIVID review, shit.

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  1. I'll look forward to the review, i used to hear a lot about her but could never really get into her. And tbh i'm not ashamed to say it, but the only reason i'm interested right now is because IM IN LOVE WITH ALBUM PICS!!


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