Monday, July 16, 2012

ayumi hamasaki releases short edit of You & Me PV

Ano natsu no! Omoi de wa! Ima mo mada, azayaka na mama! whatever that means.

I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that Ayu actually looks younger than her age here! This is probably her best PV since the Rock'n'Roll Circus era, and let's not even start with the PVs from the Party Queen era. At least she's not trying to act all hip and shit hanging out with people half her age. 

Essentially, this PV is a cheap version of Rihanna's We Found Love without the drugs (even the cheap dance music sounds similar) + Madonna's Ray of Light, because we all know Madonna invented time lapse scenes. Closer to home, this PV is like the gyaru sequel to glitter except now she doesn't need a translator. 

I don't know why but I'm not particularly fond of how Maro looks like here. He looks like how he usually is but something just doesn't feel right. Maybe he's just getting old. I'd love to see 2NE1 and Ayu get down and have a lip syncing battle. Ayu is like on the other end of the spectrum from 2NE1, with the most exaggerated lip-syncing since Mirrorcle World. OH FRIDAY NITE

It's a pity that everything about this could be improved on, like the production of the song and everything. It would have helped make the PV itself look better in a way too. It's all your fault, TK. Either way, I'm still excited to see how the rest of the PV will look like. Not sure if it's just going to be Ayu and Maro frolicking around to show Mannie she ain't need no Austrian man, because I'm hoping for some other stuff that will put the PVs of fairyland and BLUE BIRD to shame. What is the mysterious scene at the end of the clip with an Ayu who seems to be delirious after seeing what could be Maro completely naked? Is someone going to die in the end? Jeng jeng jeng... 

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