Monday, July 9, 2012

[Music Video] JASMINE - Best Partner

The music video for JASMINE's Best Partner has been uploaded by Sony on their YouTube channel and gurl be lookin' fiiiiiine!

This is easily not only the best music video ever done by JASMINE (finally something with more than a 1000 yen budget) but also her best song ever released. It's like your typical sad to say, ONLY YOU-esque R&B song except this is going to snatch some serious wigs and the song just sounds really heartwarming to me although I don't understand any of the lyrics except the words "Best Partner".

I think the music video touches on the theme of domestic violence, or at least that's what my low-IQ mind comprehends. I was mostly distracted by how pretty JASMINE looks and how the camera focused on the numerous tattoos each of the 3 people in the video had. Yeah, I get it, you love tattoos. Nonetheless, JASMINE, you have finally grasped the idea of a decent music video. Keep it up, gurl.

You can watch the video after the jump. The bad news, however, is that Sony is being a tightarse by only allowing the people in Japan to watch it. The good news is, you can always use a Japan proxy here. Or you can watch it on her official website gallery or Youku instead. You're welcome, everybody.

Hold on while I replay this like mad. The last time I was this addicted was for ONLY YOU, but this poops all over it. YOUR SMILE, UTSUKUSHII. YOUR HEART, SUBARASHII.

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