Monday, November 5, 2012

[New Release] Koda Kumi - Koishikute


We all know by now that "slow down" isn't a phrase in Koda Kumster's vocabulary. I think it's safe to say that 2012 is not going to happen because the only way that will happen will be when she doesn't release something within 3 seconds. Her unfortunately short range of vocabulary has also led to yet another single title along the likes of many of her past ballad singles -- Koishikute.

I'm certainly not a fan of whatever she's wearing that's made of garbage bags in there but I have to say it definitely looks better than what Ayu wore in her Together When... PV. Also she looks reaaaaaally weird in the CD+DVD cover and I don't even know why. Hair doesn't look good I guess, and the airbrush probably did something too. Oh well!

Unfortunately the tracklist is looking like shit just like Ai wo Tomenaide because it's going to comprise just Koishikute and a cover of Okamoto Mayo's Alone. Interesting to note that Kuu actually covered that song during her avex audition days!

I did hear the 30-second preview of the song and I think it sounds really pretty. However that's not gonna make me buy it until CDJapan's Spring sale in 2013 comes, together with Go to the top. I'm sure Japan will eat this ballad up like it's a plate piled with sliced raw salmon. Sorry, I'm hungry.

Koishikute will be released on 5 December 2012.
*UPDATE: Koishikute's release has been delayed to 26 December 2012 due to production issues. We al know ayumi hamasaki is the culprit so that people will spend their money on her mini-album instead. 
CD Tracklist
  1. Koishikute (恋しくて)
  2. Alone
DVD Tracklist
  1. Koishikute (Music Video)
  2. Koishikute (Making Video)

I like how her professional and efficient design team decided to erase some of the bokeh from the CD+DVD cover to make it look better, only to export that very same image in full to be its promotional picture, totally forgetting the fact that there's still bokeh remnants on the bottom. Talk about a literal case of not looking at the bigger picture.

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