Sunday, February 17, 2013

[New Release] ayumi hamasaki - ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~

2DVD | Blu-ray

...and that is one hell of a mess of a 15th anniversary celebration. Labels are convenient, aren't they? ayumi hotmessaki's final EXCITING, TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE 5th release closing the 5-releases-5-months thingamajig to be released on March 8 leading up to her 15th anniversary is none other than a workout DV- I mean, the DVD / Blu-ray release for her Arena Tour last year which we all know that if not for this 5-releases-5-months thingamajig, would have never been released at all!

It's sad to say that we all saw this coming. You tried, avex, you tried. I have to say that the cover is a huge step-up from her CDL 2011-2012 cover where her sausage lips took up approximately 80% of her face. Plus there's actually some photoshop effort put into this so good job on that one. Also thank god the hideous tour logo isn't anywhere near the cover.

On the other hand, this is her first Arena Tour release in god knows how long where there will only be 2 DVDs, and the only extra we will all be getting is the 4 interlude videos that were played between her costume changes. No extra performances, no compilation of MCs, no documentary, no shit. So for those anticipating for an extra performance of Return Road to be dumped in there, sorry but ain't gonna happen bruh. 

I'm also bummed that her encore performane of call in the earlier dates aren't included but on the other end of the spectrum I'm just glad kiss o' kill is in there because let's face it, that song is da bomb. I don't give two shits about the Kishidan performance (maybe I will after watching it) and I'm going to pretend Thank U was never part of the setlist.

I'm still excited for this tour because I actually enjoyed the countdown live version of HOTEL Love songs, so I'm hoping the standard is around the same, or even better. My body is ready.

ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ will be released on 8 March 2013.

  1. Happening Here
  2. Song 4 u
  3. feedback
  4. Tell me why
  5. reminds me
  6. appears
  7. Missing
  8. a cup of tea
  9. Shake It♥
  10. STEP you
  11. NaNaNa
  12. Sparkle
  13. the next LOVE
  14. Eyes, Smoke, Magic
  15. kiss o' kill
  16. Serenade in A minor
  17. Ladies Night
  18. Party queen
  19. SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL
  20. Love song
  21. One Night Carnival
  22. Boys & Girls
  23. how beautiful you are
  24. Thank U
★ video screen (4 titles)

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