Monday, February 11, 2013

[CD Packaging] Mika Nakashima - REAL (CD+DVD)

I received my copy of Mika Nakashima's latest album some time last week! Comes in pretty much the same packaging as all of her past albums with the slipcase and slightly thicker 2CD jewel case. The paper they used for printing is glossy as fuck and I love it

Jewel case cover - looks like someone farted

Back covers

The stunningly beautiful picture behind the disc trays. The CD is her typical white design so I didn't show it in the picture.

Comes with some REAL bookmark thing and an insert of her discography.

I'm just so impressed with the photoshoot for this album. Mika Nakashima looks flawless! The album is also rather well-received from what I've heard so far so the review will be coming up soon!

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