Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Listen to Color the Original (I'm not sorry for the weak pun)

Since we are just one day shy away from the release of Koda Cum-i's second cover album which, despite shitloads of autotuning, will probably still sound better than BENI's discography combined, and given my lack of a soul these days, I decided to post up videos of all the original versions of the songs she'll be covering on Color the Cover! Now that is one shitass long sentence.

Pink Spider (ピンク スパイダー)
Original: hide with Spread Beaver

Shake Hip!
Original: Kome Kome CLUB

Lovely (ラブリー)
Original: Ozawa Kenji

Jounetsu (情热)
Original: UA

One more time, One more chance
Original: Yamazaki Masayoshi

Original: Okamoto Mayo

Blue Velvet
Original: Kudou Shizuka

Dou ni mo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない)
Original: Yamamoto Linda

Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni (今宵の月のように)
Original: Elephant Kashimashi

(can't find the originals for Otoko and that Hibari Misora song whatever it's called)

So the album has apparently already leaked but I have yet to listen to the album. I shall wait until I'm not lazy anymore. I did hear Dou ni mo Tomaranai and Pink Spider though and I am extremely appalled by the shameless use of autotune so if my ears start to bleed after I listen to the whole album, you'll know why.

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