Friday, February 15, 2013

[Music Video] Koda Kumi - Lovely

I listened to the original version of the song at first. I heard the first minute of the song and I cringed. When I found out the whole song was 7 minutes long, I cringed even more. The very thought of the fact that Kuu will be covering this song knocked me out for a whole 10 minutes.

But after watching the music video, the song is actually tolerable! It's sort of like how Bambi was in Dejavu - it's a cutesy song but it's not an overkill. I can't say the same for the music video - now that's intolerable. I couldn't even get past 2 minutes. It's like that one recurring nightmare I had where Kuu's Wonderland PV just kept replaying. I was never the same person since then.

In a sense you could kind of predict the direction of her cover based on the original already, but I was really expecting her to knock our socks off and give us a punk rock rendition of the song instead. But who was I kidding? While Koda Kumi can easily abandon her extremely slutty raunchy image, when it comes to Kuu-chan no KYUTSHI KYUTSHI shizz, it's obviously gonna take more than that.

But I have to say she definitely outdid the original. Ozawa Kenji's annoying attempt at sounding cute with that nasal voice made me almost throw up in my mouth. It would be lovely to have a mute button near you when you listen to that.

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