Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[CD Packaging] ayumi hamasaki - LOVE again (CD+Blu-ray Limited Edition)

After an extremely long wait (it was the Chinese New Year rush over here) I finally received my copy of the CD+Blu-ray+GOODS edition of ayumi hotmessaki's LOVE again. Which comes with an ayu-pan figurine and a photobook. At least for the first time in a loooong time we're not getting weird shit like coasters and cups.

Getting I am... vibes from the back cover because the limited edition comes with an elongated obi to hide the back of the photobook.


The usual Ayu inserts

One weird observation that I made - they used a different jewel case for this album!

Usually they'd use jewel cases with an inlay piece in the middle for her CD+DVD releases (top) but this time they used one that has a lined surface at the top and bottom good enough for you to file your nails (bottom). I always call it the "do-nails" casing and I hate it. They use that casing for her overseas presses except Taiwan. This is me being an OCD freak everyone.

The slight height difference caused by the lack of the middle inlay piece.

Also, I know getting a photobook will be cool and all, but this time, I don't think they even tried.

Where yo face gurl? And waddup with the obscene placement of a random picture at the bottom middle with an outer glow effect that some Photoshop novice probably did?

Another lol thing about the photobook is, while it may not be very noticeable in the picture above, the A logo is not in the center, so that's funny.

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