Thursday, November 15, 2012

[News] Ayu is the new JLo

Kudos to Yahoo! Japan for using such a beautiful picture of Ayu

ayumi hamasaki is one hot mess. She should rename herself to ayumi hotmessaki. We had the divorce earlier this year, the Party Queen photoshoot, her general "flopness" for a J-Pop Queen's standards, the poor marketing management done by her brilliant PR team with this whole 15th anniversary celebration, selling a single as a mini-album and now we have this.

In a shocking twist of events, everything we saw in the PV of You & Me was real -- ayumi hotmessaki is dating her fellow 28-year-old dancer, Maro. And all along when I thought Maro was dating Zin! This is literally like those plot twists in drama series! Intense!

Apparently the both of them managed to find out that tabloid magazines were already going to publish and expose this scandalous affair (actually not so) so they decided to beat them to the bush and do it themselves!

It was really vague because based on translations from Maro's blog entry he merely said he will "take this relationship seriously," which for all we know could mean a mother-son relationship because... the picture above says everything. Ayu decided to be more straightforward and say he is her boyfriend. So there you go. BAM.

Can't help but feel that this is exactly like what went down with Jennifer Lopez minus the career revival. Both ended up dating younger b0is who are their backup dancers too. And it is SO ANNOYING! I hate it when interwork relationships come up because it is going to be so irritating for the other backup dancers to see them in their little intimate moments together. I mean have you seen the You & Me making-of video? Their hands were practically superglued together. And what with Ayu saying she'd draw a line between work and life. My ass. And all of this happened while she was partying her ass off in PARIS! No prizes if you can guess who's there with her too.

Maro's gonna get so much more "solo acts" during tours and this will probably spark a lot of internal conflict among her dance troupe and Ayu will probably end up getting killed by a super jealous dancer. Probably Shuya. But maybe he's gay. But maybe he's not. What am I even talking about. I think Ayu misses Mannie's dick.

I would think that dancers are generally better in bed though. At least both Ayu and Maro have something in common where they both have past marriages! That's probably what sparked the loOoOooOoOve. And also, now we know why the next mini-album is titled again when LOVE came before it. Get it? LOVE again? The next 3 releases will probably be IUF (In Ur Face), Manuel, and Schwarz.

Speaking of Mannie, I wonder what he thinks about everything that's happened in 2012 so far. He must have been partying all night long like a party king on the night the Oricon weeklies were out and LOVE got #4 on the albums chart.

Either way, hope the relationship goes well, hope they get married, then they can have a kid together, bla bla bla. After all the talking I guess I feel indifferent about this. They've probably already been fucking with one another for awhile, and god forbid that he's the reason why Ayu got a divorce. It's not like I'm not gonna buy her next mini-album.

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