Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Music Video] Koda Kumi - Koishikute

I was personally looking forward to seeing Koda Kums show off her brand-new mobile phone in her latest PV for Koishikute, but I guess now that she's married she's got nobody to really break up with anymore. It's so funny how they decided to use the outfit she looked the shittiest in for the single covers.

It was pretty hilarious because essentially, in the PV, all she did was to walk by a subway platform, accidentally knock into someone, cry, and then collapse to the ground (talk about a fragile little bitch "DON'T TOUCH ME T_T") while occasionally singing in front of a grand orchestra. The latter, I loike, although I'm not too big a fan of that obnoxious nude-coloured dress that makes her look like a cake. I also thought it was disturbing to see her just obliviously standing beside a piano that was PLAYING BY ITSELF and that black thing around her eyes was totally able to make her unrecognizable.

While it is a pretty song and I kinda do like it, I still think that it doesn't really stand out much and she's done better ballads in the past. But hey, new material is new material!

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