Saturday, November 17, 2012

[CD Packaging] ayumi hamasaki - LOVE

Thanks to the post office for holding my package hostage, I received my copy of ayumi hotmessaki's latest single disguised as a mini-album a little later than usual but yay here it is!

Everyone knows I'm a very deep and analytical person *cough* so with this release I can conclude that avex is beginning their budget cuts with Ayu's releases because this is the first Ayu CD+DVD release that does not come in those thick-as-hell jewel cases! Blasphemy! Though it's a good thing that these can save space and all. Interesting to note that the jewel case for this release is actually slightly thicker, like a 2CD version of A Song for XX. Pretty stupid because the booklet is thin as fuuuuu

Jewel case is slightly thicker than the norm

Overall... average meh packaging so there you go. Booklet is really lame too because there's only 3 pictures inside and all 3 look almost the same. Annoying. Review will be coming up soon! 

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