Friday, September 6, 2013

[CD Packaging] JASMINE - Complexxx (CD+DVD)

Step back, everybody, because JASMINE is signalling us to not fuck with her, because she's gonna take over the world.

Lol, who am I kidding, she's not. But this has got to be like one of the hottest covers we've seen this year. Serving me fierceness even though they clearly only started conceptualising the album from High Flying because only from that single onwards was there actual, visual consistency in her releases.

The X in the background is actually tin-foiled but the camera's flash blocks that out. The spine of the slipcase is also tin-foiled! Eye-catchingue.

Urgh hideous font everywhere!!

Jewel case inside the slipcase houses the cd only cover as well. They originally announced that it'd come in a digipak but they probably had no money after seeing the sales of her previous singles.

More staple-looking Js!!! Comes with (what I think they want us to look at it as) an alternate cover for the jewel case which is the same as the back cover. The booklet is folded so it fits perfectly whichever cover you use too.

JASMINE embracing her satanic side. Lavvit. ~*Illuminati realness*~

That's the only new picture we get in the booklet. When you fold the entire booklet out, one side spells out JASMINE in that horrendous font with the song credits, while the other side has that satanic picture, and huge-ass pics of JASMINE on the front and back cover. The lyrics are in that separate booklet as you can see there.

Review will be coming up soon!

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