Thursday, September 5, 2013

[CD Packaging] Koda Kumi - Summer Trip (CD+DVD) + JASMINE - HERO

I received a bunch of CDs while I was away for the few months so you've probably seen how the packagings look like already, but I'm gonna post them up anyway! Don't you like how the entire Summer Trip single just radiates tackiness already?

Good attempt at hiding that crack

Skankin' it out

There's also a slight embossing of the text on the front cover which I tried to capture but couldn't because it's embossed ~*ever so slightly*~

Continuing the skankiness of this post comes JASMINE's latest single, HERO, which I'd just like to point out flopped hard on the charts (for the lulz)

Poor statue has to withstand her gross nails

You know there's a budgeting problem when pictures are being reused on the inside. And they're using that staple-looking J again.

Reviews for both singles coming right up!

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