Monday, June 17, 2013

[Singles Review] May Singles Highlight: Perfume, JASMINE

Magic of Love

Perfume disappointed with Mirai no Shitseum, and they disappointed HARD, which is why it's only right for them to redeem themselves with Magic of Love. Did they? Kind-of. Magic of Love didn't prove to be as amazeballs and make me play it to death; not as much as Spring Of Life and Hurly Burly, so in comparison to those that song falls flat. The only thing that made this song stand out was how Nocchi sounds weird as fuck in this song, and it's not even in a good way. Maybe she just sounds like that. Poor Nocchi. Handy Man, on the other hand, has some sort of Indian influence to it. Indian-sounding for a song called Handy Man? Unintended subliminal message or not, I love it. But it doesn't make this song sound any less like something that was almost given to KyaryPamyuPamyu by a hair. This single proved to be just average for me, and didn't seem to have the same spark as their previous singles. I'm just overall glad they didn't go downwards from Mirai no Shitseum. Now that would've been BAD.  


High Flying

Gurl, where you been for 1 year? I absolutely LOVE High Flying. Not as good as Best Partner, but a good song nonetheless. I like the subtle hints of EDM here and there, but given the current trend I certainly wouldn't mind her going all out electronic for the next album (fuck the other a-sides) because it's not like rehashing the same ol' R&B sound is going to do her any favours. Speaking of that, the b-side, BED, is a cover of DOUBLE's, which takes on a slightly jazzier, and more slower R&B feel. I love it. The arrangement is more or less similar to the original, but I found the latter's vocals to be more soothing and smooth which fits the song well. I thought JASMINE on the other hand sounded rather forced on some parts. Anyhoo, I also wonder if titling the song "High Flying" has anything to do with, you know, getting high. ;) Because if this is what she can give me while she's high, I'm not exactly impressed.


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