Monday, June 17, 2013

[Music Video] Namie Amuro - Hands On Me

YAS. THIS IS EVERYTHING THAT I NEED. Namie Slaymuro just made ayumi hamasaki fans get a refund for those 15th Anniversary tour tickets because they know what's good for them and know what wouldn't make their ears bleed. Let's not even get started on Namie's dancing - for once, bitch ain't recycling dem' dance moves. That 30 seconds are all I need to know that Namie has still got it, and will have it longer than your fave.

Other than being unable to discern anything else other than "beating like a drum!" and "put your hands on me", which cumulatively make up like, 80% of the song, everything else is on. point. Dance moves? On point. Location? On point. Video execution? On point. This is what you get when you name your new label Dimension Point. Because everything is gonna be ON POINT.

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