Sunday, June 23, 2013

Perfume shows they don't fuck around at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

We all know Perfume doesn't fuck around when it comes to bringing visuals to their shows, and not even the French's faves can ever come up with something like this. They are serving some projection-shit and origami-dress REALNESS!

My only complaint is that they shouldn't have only performed the extended mix of Spending all my time. I don't think performing a 6-minute long track of you simply going "Spending all my time loving you forever" in front of an international audience who probably wouldn't know you is going to make a very big impression despite the visuals. They'll think you're spastic. If it were up to me I think they should've gone with a medley of Spending all my time / Hurly Burly / Daijobanai and, I don't know, Mirai no Shitseum (LOLJK) or something. Nonetheless, I can't say I wasn't impressed with this performance. Everything was definitely on point, and a small step out of position would've screwed things up but they didn't. BeyoncĂ© needs to take several notes. 

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