Sunday, March 31, 2013

[New Songs] Namie Amuro - Contrail, Can You Feel This Love

As Haruto is becoming as old as ayumi hamasaki's career (I mean it literally btw), Namie Amuro has decided to teach everyone letters of the alphabet with the power of her music while she still has it. Unfortunately she missed out the letter A. Fortunately though she knows C comes after B, which explains why after Big Boys Cry and Beautiful comes Contrail and Can You Feel This Love.

From the way things are turning out Namie seems to be going for Uncontrolled Part II because gurl be reusing sounds like there's no tomorrow. Contrail is obviously another Fight Together / ONLY YOU and Can You Feel This Love is Big Boys Cry II mixed with the Engrish shitfest from Uncontrolled. Contrail sounds pretty good but I can almost foresee myself getting annoyed to death by CYFTL's chorus. It's already becoming a chore to type out the song title in full.

With this rehashed sound it looks like she doesn't even wanna try anymore. Then again it's hard to tell since she looks the same whether she cares or not, but she seems to be falling into the avex trap now that it's pretty obvious they're milking the shit out of her. I have no issues though, because the music is still good, and she's still snatching them tie-ins, what with Contrail being a drama theme song and CYFTL being the opening song to some morning news show. ayumi hamasaki's only current way of stepping up her game is appearing on some obscure magazine called Hot Pepper.


Can You Feel This Love

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  1. I like Contrail, i didn't even know that word existed until this song.


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