Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[New Release] Koda Kumi - Driving Hit's 5

Koda Kums loves to keep the party locking till the end of time, resulting in yet again another remix album that, let's face it, we all knew was coming out. And let's face it, we also knew that it was going to be misspelled as Hit's again. Iconic.

The cover art is, as always, awesome shizznit though. Kuu shows them bitches how to properly werk a close-up shot. Her Driving Hit's covers (except the first one) are enough to obliviate ayumi hamasaki's A BEST 3 covers, and that shit ain't even out yet. Due to "stellar" sales of the entire series, avex decided to pump in more budget for it to have an introduction of its own as well. Not only that, but also a best mega-mix shoved in the middle of the party. I wanted more songs off JAPONESQUE to be remixed for this though, and how many TAKE BACK remixes do we already have exactly?

Driving Hit's 5 will be released on 20 March 2013.
  1. Introduction for DH5
  2. Go to the top [DJAKi ASY Remix]
  3. No Man's Land [4 Skips D'n'B Remix]
  4. Ningyo-hime [N15H vs. HEAVENS WiRE D'n'B Remix] (人鱼姫)
  5. real Emotion [KOZM(R) Remix]
  6. Someday [Big Boy Remix]
  7. show girl [DJ E-Man Big Show Remix]
  8. TAKE BACK [E-Man "106" Remix]
  9. "Driving Hit's Best" Mega Mix
    1. Moon Crying [GTS SH Club Mix]
    2. TABOO [HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix]
    3. Cutie Honey [MITOMI TOKOTO Big Room Remix] (キューティーハニー)
    4. Driving [GROOVE HACKER$ Remix]
    5. Lady Go!
    6. POP DIVA [HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix]
    7. Teaser [Caramel Pod Dubstep Remix] feat. Clench&Blistah
    8. Poppin' love cocktail [TeddyLoid Remix] feat. TEEDA
  10. Shake Hip! [John Fontein (RE:LABEL(R)) Remix]
  11. AT THE WEEKEND [Big Boy LA Weekend Remix]
  12. Let's Party [KOZM(R) Remix]
  13. Koishikute [Dirt $outh (RE:LABEL(R)) Remix] (恋しくて)
  14. Alone [Prog5 Classic Remix]
  15. One more time, One more chance [Shohei Matsumoto & Junichi Matsuda Remix]
  16. Ai no Kotoba [AILI's Warmy Remix] (愛のことば)

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