Saturday, March 16, 2013

[CD Packaging] Koda Kumi - Color the Cover (CD+DVD Limited Edition)

Got my copy of the CD+DVD limited edition of Koda Cum-i's Kuuler the Kuuuverrr.

The front and back comes in a matte finishing which is awesomeeee cuz I thought it'd be printed in those grainy thick recycled paper-like shit lmao

Le back

The discs are in slots that are on the front and back and the best part is they come in these... cotton sleeves or some cool material like that. Lavvit. I'm just happy they didn't use those awful plastic ones that make noises louder than ayumi hamasaki's vibrato

It's a bit scary the first time you open it because the book itself is hard to open so you have to use quite a bit of force to really look at the photobook pictures lol

And a shit load of inserts as well

I don't think the packaging is worth its price because there aren't really ~EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE~ pictures in it since you can more or less find those online.

Unless you're really into the bonus documentary on the DVD. Other than that if you're planning on getting the album you'd be fine with just the CD+DVD edition. Saves space too!

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