Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Music Video] ayumi hamasaki - Melody

It seems like ayumi hotmessaki has saved the best for last. That doesn't say much though, because her music videos in the LOVE again era are enough evidence to show that she is slowly heading towards the Utada Hikaru direction PV-wise.

Melody is somewhat like a throwback to the kaleidoscopic effect that is seen in her TO BE PV, as well as the Not yet interlude video from her 2007 Asia tour. It's different, though. Because avex clearly doesn't have them yen to do that kind of coolass shit anymore, they've gone the budget way and decided to do something that mimics that effect instead. That's not to say it's a bad thing; if my surmise of their budget cutting is right then maybe they've actually covered something up effectively.

The most shocking thing about this video is probably the fact that it's directed by our favourite fish lips extraordinare, Kazuyoshit Shimomura! Famously known for directing modern-day masterpieces Sparkle and Lady Dynamite!

I'm glad he's finally come to terms that Ayu is not a sexually deprived fag hag (took him long enough) and got her to do something that's actually tolerable. Plus, this is also something new for Ayu to try, just like the LOVE again PVs, except this one is actually interesting enough to make me watch till the end.

The best part? Unlike Sweet scar, Song 4 u and Missing, this actually has more than 1 setting! I don't know if I should be happy that she's finally done something right or cry because of my sudden drop in standards.

I shall end off this with a question for Ms Hamasaki herself:

Waddup with yo' face gurl? 

(I'm not trying to start plastic surgery rumours cuz she definitely didn't but whether it's the lighting or the makeup, let's just say I'll never look at pancakes the same way again)

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