Thursday, January 17, 2013

[CD Packaging] Kaela Kimura - Sync (CD+DVD)

I didn't think I'd be buying Kaela Kimura's Sync this fast because I wanted to wait until it's on discount on CDJapan. Then who would have thought that they'd put this on 20% discount during their New Year's sale from 1 - 3 Jan? Score! Talk about a slap in the face for buyers who bought it before that it's almost like what avex did with Ayu's LOVE again.

This is probably Kaela's first album for the CD+DVD edition since Scratch in 2006 to use a standard 2CD jewel case. I still like how the packaging has its unique elements like the obi, and as later on you'll see, the booklet as well. 

The back cover which is transparent plastic with the tracklist in th black box printed on it which is something pretty cool and unusual as well.

The booklet which is cut based on the shape of each colour on the cover!

Interesting how the facial expression can remain the same over all the changes. Must be pretty hard to photoshop all that shit. Can you imagine how poor Kaela must feel during the shoot, having to give that poker face for god knows how long?

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