Monday, August 27, 2012

NOT a review of Yuna Ito's love you

While sitting in the bus on the way home my iPhone shuffled to Yuna Ito's love you. I'd usually skip it but since I've never heard it in quite a while (like 2 years) I thought I'll just give it a listen. To be completely honest, I thought it actually sounded decent when I first heard it back when DREAM just came out, but it is only now that I realise that just like her career prospects, it's actually pretty shit.

Whoever thought this mess was a good idea probably just wanted to experiment with percussion-driven songs only to fail miserably, mostly because of the poor arrangement and the melody being totally off. I did, however, remember being disappointed hearing it as an album opener compared to WISH's Power of Love.

Speaking of which, is she still alive? She's being like Ai Otsuka minus the shotgun marriage. I did find her Twitter account though, with only like less than 300 followers, probably because many can't take a Twitter username like that seriously. All she tweets about is like, her ~*big sister*~ AI. Last time I actually heard news about her dying career is that she's working on her next studio album but she's probably lying because... I just think so.

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