Sunday, August 12, 2012

[Music Video] Crystal Kay - What We Do

Ma gurl Kuri Kuri, despite having pretty shit sales, managed to still make another music video for What We Do! Then again, that's probably because of the fact that it's partly sponsored by LOUNGEDRESS which is a... clothing line? Brand? I dunno, all I know is they have clothes, and the video sure is one hell of a clothes-fest in the video. 75% of the video is of Kuri and 9000 other friends, or maybe only 2 but they all look the same anyway, getting all dolled up and deciding on what clothes to wear, and they are either indecisive as hell, or that is a subtle-but-not-really product placement. Heheheheheh. The other 25% of the video is Crystal serving up some hot choreography again. Lavvit!

You can watch the video embedded below from or here at MTV Japan.

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