Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ayu gets second place on NINKI, hacks Oricon for consolation

The horrors of horrors! Your eyes are not playing tricks, everybody. A SUMMER BEST has been placed at an unfortunate #2 on the NINKI prediction charts on ORICON. What's even more unfortunate is that the index is a mere 79.90 while Party Queen's was 171.30! Dun dun dunnn!!

I thought A SUMMER BEST was just an excuse for Ayu to continue her record of one #1 album every year since her debut, but it looks like even avex can't be bothered with that record anymore!

I think there's a slim chance that Ayu might still end up being #1 anyway because SMAP's last album in 2010 only sold 180k in its first week, and to put things in perspective Rock'n'Roll Circus released the same year sold 205k first week and Love songs with also 180k. Plus, this time it's a best album sooooo yea, they can have fun battling it out.

Or as we can follow the Ayu stan logic, "Party Queen got #1 for NINKI but #2 weekly, so this time, A SUMMER BEST will get #2 on NINKI and #1 weekly!" sigh... god bless our souls.

In addition to this calamity, this has certainly driven ayumi hamasaki herself even crazier than she already is, thereby causing Oricon to have what seems like a technical glitch, although deep down we all know this is definitely the doing of the queen of J-Pop.

The Top 40 best-selling singles of 2012 are A BEST 2 -WHITE-, A BEST 2 -WHITE-, A BEST 2 -WHITE-... ... and A BEST 2 -WHITE-! I find it funny how there's only 3 Facebook likes, but that's not the point. Ayu clearly misses the time where her career was at its musical peak, and what better to represent it with than A BEST 2 -WHITE-?

It's been up on Oricon since early this morning and still hasn't been fixed yet. Ayu must be one skilled hacker.

"Ohhh how desperate I am to reclaim the crown that once belonged to me... oh fliday night... when GUILTY got #2... I... who have nothing..."

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  1. I LOLED so hard when i saw the A White Best or that shit all over the place, she's one skilled hacker... Waiting for her crown, Fliday night and RAUNCH TAIM must be her favorite parts of the week.


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