Monday, May 26, 2014

[News] ayumi hamasaki finally wakes up

ayumi hotmesssaki has gotten her shit slightly more together after her ~*amazing*~ collaboration with m-flo for My Way on the latter group's latest album, and she also announced that she's received a copy of Namie Amuro's FEEL and would be stepping up her game for her next studio effort.

Her next album which is slated for release in a little more than a month (I'm actually excited??) will feature works from renowned producers like RedOne, Darkchild, Armin van Buuren, etc. etc. So far they've announced that the album is only gonna be 10 songs long (which is pretty weird for an Ayu album) but Imma just take this news with a bag of salt until all the details are finalised.

The shitty thing, though, is that she's not including My Way for us to pop our pussies to but will instead be putting in Pray and her latest shitass digital single, Hello new me. I'm sorry, the title is terrible and the song is mediocre at best. Next!

The previews for 6 of the new songs are already out and they sound B-A-N-G-I-N-G! I am SCREAMING for Lelio because everybody thought it was gonna be a word with deep meaning translated into some language from Jupiter or something but as it turns out, she literally meant it as "RADIO". If I were a steak I'd be well done.

Other songs like Angel showcased Ayu's screaming banshee whining skills and NOW & 4EVA, despite its shitty title, actually proves to be pretty kickass so far and sounds pretty much like what Ayu would've done between 2003-2008. What is forever love features Urata Naoya and I'm going to refrain from commenting.

So far at least the previews and everything managed to pique my interest slightly more than I would've thought, and from the way it sounds it definitely shapes up to be more promising than the sad shithole LOVE again was.

While everyone's rooting for her to name the album after songs like "XOXO", "Angel", and even "What is forever love", I am opting for the underdog amongst them all, "Lelio". If you wanna have a shitass title, may as well go all the way and name it Lelio. It's not like it's going to do well on the charts anyway!


  1. I would have preferred if Angel went to Crystal Kay; at least she has the vocals to carry a song like that. Lelio bumps, but Ayu sounds like she's drowning in autotune (and not in a good way). NOW & 4EVA sounds like it would have been a good song... 10 years ago. Terminal sounds like a song I heard on Armin van Buuren's last album. What is Forever Love isn't that bad; her duet partner softens the blow of her shit vocals. XOXO sounds like it would have been a chart topper in 2012 (and if someone like Namie Amuro had recorded it).

    Overall, the beats aren't bad, but Ayu's vocals are so sad, y'all...


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