Monday, May 26, 2014

[New Release] Namie Amuro - Ballada

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We all have seen the ballad best album coming when they asked for fans to vote for their favourite ballads a few months ago (huge shocker; who could have guessed?) but as it would turn out, as with every other artist who actually puts effort into making their best albums less half-assed than the very idea of one in itself (I'm looking at you, A SUMMER BEST), Namie just keeps them surprises coming with this hell of a release.

The covers are absolutely gorgeous, especially the CD+DVD and CD only covers. She magically looks like her 19-year-old malnourished self in the CD+Bluray cover which I have no idea how to feel about. Ballad best albums normally have the same ol' generic colour schemes with pastel colours, lotsa pink and unicorns jumping about, but it's interesting to see Namie take a road less taken with this rustic, sepia feel in some godforsaken room with two chairs. And she has a hideous hat on, but with her gorgeousness comes forgiveness.

Not only that, but we're getting new vocals for SWEET 19 BLUES and CAN YOU SELL A PLATE? ! How exciting is that?! I've always longed for a rerecorded CAN YOU CELEBRATE? because I've always thought she sounded amazing with her voice sounding stronger now that she's older. The rerecorded version of CAN YOU CELEBATE? also features some violinist dude who sounds annoying 80% of the time as you would hear in the video I posted below. We also get the ballad version of Contrail in this release!

If that's too many goodies for you to take in, we're also getting *NEW* music videos for SWEET 19 BLUES, CAN YOU CELEBRATE?, Four Seasons and HimAWArI. How does she ever find the damn time to do those things? But I've seen some of the PVs and for the large part they all look pretty shit as usual, but I'll take it and eat it all up anyway.

Oh yeah, and I am SO GLAD they included Dreaming I was dreaming. It's probably one of my favourite Namie songs ever?! White Light though, on the other hand, can go die in a fire.

Ballada will be released on 4 June 2014.
CD Tracklist
  1. SWEET 19 BLUES (New Vocal)
  2. CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (New Vocal)
  3. Dreaming I was dreaming
  5. HimAWArI
  6. think of me
  7. I WILL
  8. Wishing On The Same Star
  9. Four Seasons
  11. White Light
  12. The Meaning Of Us
  13. Love Story
  14. Let Me Let You Go
  15. TSUKI
  16. Contrail Ballada Ver. (Bonus Track)

Bluray / DVD Tracklist
  1. SWEET 19 BLUES (Music Video)
  2. CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (Music Video)
  3. Dreaming I was dreaming (Music Video)
  4. NEVER END (Music Video)
  5. HimAWArI (New Music Video)
  6. think of me (Music Video)
  7. I WILL (Music Video)
  8. Wishing On The Same Star (Music Video)
  9. Four Seasons (New Music Video)
  10. ALL FOR YOU (Music Video)
  11. White Light (Music Video)
  12. The Meaning Of Us (Music Video)
  13. Love Story (Music Video)
  14. Let Me Let You Go (Music Video)
  15. TSUKI (Music Video)
  16. SWEET 19 BLUES (New Music Video)
  17. CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (New Music Video)

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