Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[CD Packaging] Koda Kumi - Bon Voyage (CD+Blu-ray)

Soooo due to very embarrassing reasons my 5-year-old PC has overheated and subsequently died so I was not able to plug my 7-year-old digital camera (also embarrassing) in and import photos (and since it's so damn ancient, I can't simply import them to my MacBook either) so y'all will have to deal with my shitty iPhone photos for now.

This is probably Koda Kumsie's first album since, like, secret to not use her standard, impractical, thick double disc jewel cases and has instead given us the typical 2CD jewel case. I think the industry has finally realised how much plastic and space they're wasting with those and are starting to do away with those.

Super unpleasant surprise, madafakas. I was honestly knocked back because I did not expect this grotesque Madonna-lookalike picture to turn up anywhere. The slipcase is super thick and glossy though, which feels so ~*luxurious*~

The pretty standard stuff + the first press lame holographic sticker. The booklet photos are gorgeous though; I especially love the shot where she looks like she's getting a raging orgasm from touching ropes.

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