Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ayumi hamasaki to have another 15 minutes of fame every month for 5 months

As we all know, the queen will be celebrating her 15th anniversary next year and in order to commemorate this glorious milestone of hers, there will be 5 releases on the 8th of each month starting November leading up to April 8th!!! You have 2 months to save up, bitches.

She'll start with a mini-album with a very original title, "LOVE", which is essentially like an old Ayu single because there will be 12 tracks, 3 of which are new original songs Song 4 u, Melody and Missing. The rest are remixes and 4 instrumentals (including You & Me's), so yep.

This release seems like a mess and I'm expecting the covers to have Kana Nishino written all over. This is just avex's lame excuse of not releasing a single because her #1 single streak is just so precious, and they are totally still vying for that #1 album every year record. News Flash: JUJU will be releasing her best album that week, lulz

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