Sunday, August 16, 2015


The world, or maybe only Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai, is on fire. Because at a time when ayumi hotmesssaki would be able to finally scrape a #1 and not let shit hit the fan, duo DREAMS COME TRUE "robbed" her of that position literally on the last day of the Oricon week, earning their best album a 4th week at #1. Oh well! Shit happens, can't please everyone.

So while everyone is cursing and swearing at DCT over in the hellhole that is AHS, in which someone even thought they were a boyband, I thought I could take this as an opportune moment to introduce to you guys about this awesome group. Might as well, right?

I'm not exactly sure why DREAMS COME TRUE isn't so popular outside of Japan, because I personally find the vocalist, Miwa Yoshida, so charismatic and can still put on a killer show even after 26 years, and being 50 years old. That bitch doesn't even look her age. Damn these Japanese genes.

Unfortunately for me I was born too late because I've always wanted to catch them live since I first discovered them in 2007. I especially have always wanted to watch their WONDERLAND tour in person, because it's a dome / stadium tour that they only put up once every 4 years!!! Dude, they arrived sitting on horses at the 1995 one. I wasn't even a year old yet?!?!?1

Anyways, I've handpicked one song from each of their 17 studio albums (which may or may not be in their latest best album) so you can take a listen if you've not heard of them. You can pretty much hear how much they've evolved their sound from the '80s till now. They're pretty damn impressive. And I'll stick a live performance of the same song beside it cos I think they're pretty fun to watch live. Woosh!

1. Don't You Say...
from DREAMS COME TRUE (1989)

(Also watch: Anata ni Aitakute)

2. Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!
from LOVE GOES ON... (1989)

3. Egao no Yukue
from WONDER 3 (1990)

4. Eyes to me
from MILLION KISSES (1991)

5. Gankyou Goshi no Sora
from The Swinging Star (1992)

(Also watch: Ano Natsu no Hanabi)

6. go for it!
from MAGIC (1993)

7. Suki
from DELICIOUS (1995)

from LOVE UNLIMITED ∞ (1996)

(Also watch: ROMANCE)

9. Ahaha
from SING OR DIE (1997)

10. Asa ga Mata Kuru
from the Monster (1999)

from monkey girl odyssey (2001)

12. Mascara Matsuge
from DIAMOND15 (2005)

(Also watch: OLA! VITORIA!)

13. Nando Demo
from THE LOVE ROCKS (2006)

14. Osaka LOVER
from AND I LOVE YOU (2007)

from Do You DREAMS COME TRUE? (2009)

16. Sono Saki e
from LOVE CENTRAL (2011)

(Also watch: Nee)

from ATTACK25 (2014)

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