Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh noes! ayumi evenmoresucky on Oricon!

The Mayans were right. The world is coming to an end this 2012. We are all gathered here today to mourn the passing of something that might have gone a little sooner than it thought. Its final remnants did not even reach the Top 3 of the Oricon album charts, and that is with 3 more releases coming up within the next 3 months. Rest in peace, ayumi hamasaki's career.

Looks like our lonely parlee queen won't even need to wake herself up no more because she won't even be able to go to sleep for the next few days on end. Bitch got so depressed, she cancelled what could be a third mini-album and called for a new classical album instead while she wallows in self-pity in the corner of the PV set for Namie's Damage. I can already hear her team shouting to one another, "Cancel the scheduled photoshoot! Call up some random guy to draw a picture of her LOVE cover for the classical album!"

LOVE getting #4 wasn't exactly that bad. But again getting #7 and having such a huge sales decrease just 1 month later means something is wrong here. It doesn't even matter if the release only sold for 3 days of the first week because it's not like it'd even make much of a sales difference anyway. Maro be killin' her image bitchezzzz

I'm already so tired of this whole Maro thing. Nothing can bore and/or irritate audiences more than shoving your new boyfriend into everybody's faces ranging from album shoot to music video TRILOGY AGAIN (oh lord save us) and most probably to the upcoming tour as well. Now tell me who's going to bother to pick that shit off from shelves when, thanks to the media, EVERYONE knows that it's him on the cover? Somewhere in the Johny's Entertainment offices Nagase Tomoya is sniggering, glad that he wasn't part of any of this shit when he was with her.

ayumi hamasaki sings to a plant in a music video and everyone is bored. Namie Amuro sings underneath a tree during her dome tour and everyone is RAVING about that tree. Speaking of predictable flops, looks like YUI isn't doing too fantastically either. Then again, I've never seen her as a relevant figure in the industry. "Oh hey guys I'm gonna take a second hiatus that'll probably last around 6 seconds again, see if you'll miss me this time!" ok bye

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  1. Her career's not dead... yet. After all this 5 "mini albums" BS she will celebrate her anniversary and rise again. A name as big as her (NAME, because her music has been crap to say the least and she doesn't know what to do with her image) can't fade away that quick... well it can, but not her, i still have hope for this tanned bitch


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